In Memory

Dale Armstrong

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06/26/12 08:35 AM #1    

Kenneth Murphy, Col, Us Army (Ret) (Murphy)

Dale was a great musician and played vibes in High School.  God Bless Dale!

07/02/12 12:41 PM #2    

Bruce Bogucki

Dale & I knew each other for a long time. Played in bands together in high school & MCC. Dale will be sorely missed.

10/09/12 01:31 PM #3    

Mike Ripley

Dale was my best friend in high school. We did a lot of things together and played a lot of gigs. He was always in demand - he had someplace to play all the time. We went on to the jazz program at Phoenix College (along with Bill White, Joe W, Jeff Kelly, Hector Valencia and others that I'm forgetting right now). Those were some great days. I can still remember unloading his vibes from the giant trunk of that Ford like it was yesterday. 

Dale was a super talent and he had a great sense of humor too. Boy, we had a lot of fun. After PC, he went on to the professional ranks and I went to ASU. We lost track for a while, but would run into each other from time to time. He left us way too soon. I still miss him.

RIP my friend.


03/12/16 10:21 AM #4    

Bill White

It's wonderful to read these tributes to Dale. He was a good friend, a great musician. He was a powerhouse in the stage band, concert band and orchestra. Oddly enough, I was just thinking of Dale a couple of days ago and his powder-blue Ford convertible. Like Mike Ripley said, his vibes filled the entire back seat. I remember when Dale, Jeff Kelley and I attended the Stan Kenton Jazz camp in Redlands, California. Great memories!!!

03/12/16 01:11 PM #5    

Josef (Joseph) Woznicki Jach

What a gifted musician he was...I will always remember the kick ass jazz band we had and that Dale was such a motivating part


03/14/16 12:10 AM #6    

Kerry Robinson

I agree with everyone, Dale was a musical "force" at Camelback.  To hear his intense playing if you listen to his vibe solo on the Camelback Jazz Lab album you can hear him humming.  Wow, that's intense!  

The musicians in that lab were special and were brought together for a purpose.  Perhaps, beyond this earth, the same can be said of all of us. 

03/14/16 11:29 AM #7    

Paul Robb

I remember Dale as upbeat and a good soul. I feel privileged to have known him.  Madison #2 was a hoot in the Dixeyland Band.  Stage band freshman year was fun, but you all took it to a much better place after that.  Dale was a talent among a bunch of hot musicians and quality folks.

03/21/16 11:17 AM #8    

Bill White

With all these heartfelt comments about Dale, I think, why didn't we tell him these things when he was alive? So many times we always think that there will be plenty of time to express our feelings, but as we all know, life can change in a split second. The lesson here is to tell our loved ones (parents, siblings, children, friends) how we feel about them. We might not get another chance and the worst thing in the world is to think, "God, I wish I had said something sooner."

03/22/16 12:03 PM #9    

Kenneth Murphy, Col, Us Army (Ret) (Murphy)

Bill - I met you when you first came to Loma Linda.  You are a great musician and nice guy.  All the people Joe Woznicki, Bruce, Kerry etc all were nice good people.  I didn't know Dale well but I always told him how awesome his music is.  And everytime I hear vibes I think of him.. We are all getting old.  But I play with my band here in Fort Worth 5 to 6 times a month and still kick it.  Will play til I'm dead.. So there - before YOU and the other guys die HERE'S TO YOU!!


Kenny Murphy

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