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Robert Moss

Robert Moss

Died 2/2020 of Covid.

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10/22/22 04:11 AM #1    

Shelly O'Rear (Schierman)

So sorry to hear about Rob's passing. I remember him as a sweet guy in Mrs Snorgrass's 6th grade class at Squaw Peak. On the first day of class Mrs Snorgrass looked at her student list and saw that there were five (!) Roberts in the class. She decreed that for the school year each boy had to choose from Robert, Rob, Robby, Bob or Bobby with no duplicates. Rob's hand shot up immediately to claim "Rob."        

Here is a challenge: Can anyone else name the other four? I can! If you think you know, please find me at the reunion next month and let's reminisce together.   

Shelly (O'Rear) Schierman 



10/23/22 10:25 AM #2    

Kris Randall

It is sad to hear of Robert's passing. Regarding your challenge, even though I was in Miss Mowat's class in 6th grade, I think I know some of the guys. I will look for you at the reunion. It is getting closer!!!

10/24/22 10:37 AM #3    

Keith Miller

Shelly,  Your challenge is a good one.  I used to know everyone.  (So I thought.)  After 50 years my memory is not what it used to be.  Between you and Kris you could probably name them.  Safe travels to the reunion!

10/24/22 10:49 PM #4    

John Westfall

Robert was one of my best friends as we scrambled our way through the classrooms and corridors of Squaw Peak Elementary School. The Principal Mr. Fair and Vice Principal Mr. Day were forever on the lookout for mischievous students like ourselves and our friends! Back at his house, his mom and I would hit the Annie Greenspring whenever I dropped over for a visit! I later found out that Robert went on to medical school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and then practiced as an Anesthesiologist at a hospital in Mesa. He is survived by his wife Carrie, two children named James and Meagan, and a sister named Sandy who lives with her husband in Chino Valley. 

10/25/22 06:29 AM #5    

Robert Bellinoff

I remember Rob from Squaw Peak days. If I remember correctly he was the main character in Mr. Scott's play "Charlotte's Web."  I am assuming I was one of the Roberts Shelly was referring to. I can still hear Rob's laughter and experience his friendship. All priceless memories.

10/25/22 08:25 AM #6    

Leslie Bowdoin (James)

I THINK he was in my class in 7th grade - Mr. Shankula.   We used to call him "Shanky" and the boys in the class were so mean to him!    No way can I remember any of the other Bobs --- does anyone remember the teacher's name in 8th grade that was retired Navy (I think), and all we did all day was learn to play chess?   So funny that I have more memories of grade school than I do high school.   The olive trees out past the field were always great hanging out and playing spots.  Good times, good days!   See you all soon! 

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