Barbara Emerick Marx

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Residing In San Marcos, TX USA
Occupation Totally retired and travel full time in my RV. I do spend a lot of time In Tucson as well as TX with one of my kids.
Children Michelle born in August 1980; lives in San Antonio, Texas with her 7 year old daughter; Mike born in More…December 1981; married and lives on Canyon Lake in Texas with his 6.5 year old daughter and 3 year old son; Melissa born in July 1984; lives in Vail, AZ with her two boys, Hayden 17 and Kaycen who is 3.

After graduation I attended NAU for one year; hated it up there so transferred to the UofA. Graduated from the U in 1976 with a BA in Elementary Ed. I taught for 2 years before marryng Tom Marx in 1978. We started a family in 1980 at which time I was a stay at home mom until our youngest started Kindergarten. I went back to teaching part time for one year and then started back into full time in 1989. I got my Master's in Elementary Education in 1994. All of my teaching took place in Tucson with good ole TUSD. I started out in the early grades and worked my way up to the Middle School level-love that age. I taught 14 years of PE at the Middle School and then my last 3 years were in-house suspension. In 2004 I bought a tanning salon in Tucson. I owned the salon for nearly 7 years-teaching during the day and working the salon at night; loooooong days! In 2009 I retired from teaching, sold my house in Tucson and bought a small 22 ft. RV. In 2011 I sold my tanning salon and decided I was going to travel; however, I am a homeowner in Phoenix so I have a place to call home. I still have my condo in Phoenix and I purchased a home in San Marcos, TX 3 years ago (Feb. 2014). Since I'm still working for my son I have put my travels aside until 2018 when I turn 65!
I have a 12 year year old grandson, Hayden Thomas Marx, 2 granddaughters; Ansley who will be 2 in May, and Brooklyn who will be 2 in October.

School Story

My years at Camelback pretty much evolved around the tennis team, GAA (Girls Athletic Association) badminton team and a little bit of archery thrown in. I was usually found around the P.E. office visiting with Miss Filkins. My years at Camelback were wonderful years and I enjoyed them immensely. Oh-and don't forget the football and basketball games. I had quite a collection of the miniature BB and FB the cheerleaders threw out to those of us that were cheering the loudest-or being the most obnoxious in the stands.

Probably the funniest memory I have is when I skipped English class one day to visit with Nancy Anderson, the shorthand teacher. When I got home my mom said that Pat Dotson had called to report I wasn't in English but I had been to all my other classes. My mom assured her that I was there-Miss Dotson went on to tell my mom "it must have been a mistake on the teacher's part, Barbara doesn't ditch classes".

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Happy birthday, Janice! We (Jean Stephenson, Diane Mathers, me and you) should try and get together when I'm in Phoenix sometime in March, hopefully. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

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Happy birthday, Janice. I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with family and friends.

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