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Janna Jagger
Residing In rancho mirage, CA USA
Spouse/Partner boyfriend 25yrs. married June 2015
Homepage janna jagger in rancho mirage
Occupation retired
Children boyfriends kids that I raised, a girl and a boy
Yes! Attending Reunion

I have traveled the world, lived in all the cities I wanted to and some I didn't want to, most of my own choice. only been in love three times with 7yrs. between all of them . don't fall in love easily, probably too independent. always been able to buy my own new cars and houses. so i'm use to taking care of myself. never had a burning desire to get married, tho I thought I would have kids. met tom late in life and a blind date at that! I will never marry anyone in this lifetime,maybe next go around.

School Story

I never waned to leave high school! some of the best years of my life!

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Posted on: Jan 16, 2016 at 6:33 PM

These are some things that looking back, as"old" people do,brought back some memories that dawned on me that not everyone has expierenced.Had my 15 mins. of fame on a reality show back when I worked at Gren Valley Ranch and Hotel. It was a busy Sat. night and I was watching one of my roulette games and to make a long stiry short this drunk couple was on one of my roulette tables and I saw him pick up this other lady's chips and so I told him that wasn't his, to give it to the lady and he refused and the verbal fight was on , he calling me every nasty ugly name in the book, and his drunk wife slurring You can't talk to my husband that way and I was remaining composed and told him I'd just have security ask them to leave cause they could run the tape (every game has a camera on it, 24/7) I was starting to hate this guy cause I would have bet he was a wife beater - the way he talked to his wife, and the camera crews just happened to be hanging out right in front of my game. At some point they started filming this and the husband came AROUD the rroulette table and into my section whuich is a huge no, no and I just knew he was gonna try to him me, he was SO angry! I'm walking backwards in my section and calling for security, and it was like nobody was there! Then my boss happened to show up and I said _You need to get him away from me cause he's gonna hit me. The camera crew taped this. but deleted a lot of it for the show, but I was in one of the shows. Can't remember the name of the reality series but it was something Casino back in the late 90's maybe? The Hotel mgr. was in a lot of the show and was a major asshole that acted like he owned the casino, I think one of my dealers was dating him and he died of a drug overdose so at the end of one of the shows they put in memory of.... They didn't tape too many shows after that. I have to admit it was really fun to be in a reality showfor my 15 mins.! Also got the autographs of two of my major crushes back in the day- John Travolta and Don Johnson. I had each one sign a cocktail napkin from that hotel and have them framed. The casino bus. allowed me to se ALOT of celebs and their little secrets. Some more things-a women on an airplane sitting next to me while in flight died and the plane had nowhere to land till we got to N.J. - Had front row seats to a Rolling Stones concert cause we went with one of Tom,s big high rollers who the casino bought 4 tickets for him. Had mick's posters all over my room and was always madly in love with him which was strange cause we had the same last name. Gotta say old Mick was moving pretty good . Saw Rod Stewert and the Faces which probably a lot of people don't remember that wAS his original group. Got into the Whiskey A Go Go back when all the rock stars went there and Alice Cooper bought us drinks. Last one for now cause I'm starting to bore myself- one of the girls that was sexting Elliot Spitzer when that story broke was one of my dealers at the Bellagio. Can't say I was shocked bcause she was really cute and funny and guys would always come up to me and ask -Is Lisa dealing tonight? she was one of my favorite dealers. T he Bellagio just had her disappear until the story blew over.

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On Facebook now under Janna Jagger. I'm getting a little more skilled, but not much. Still don't know how to send an e-mail and still have a flip phone. I still write letters Really resisting all the technology, it feels so impersonal. I might be the last hold-out, but then I've never been conventional!

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Sep 01, 2015 at 11:07 PM

Never say never! Finally married Tom after 25yrs. I'm not gonna lie, the convertible Jag and better health ins tipped the scales. Plus our two grandkids! Keeping maiden name cause don't want same name as his Mother-Mrs. Bonanne

Apr 04, 2015 at 6:59 PM
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computers and I don't get along well, so my Facebook page is messed up. jmjagger1972@gmail.com

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e-mail jmjagger1972@gmail.com my facebook page is all messed up cause me and computers don't get along